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19mm Faceted Sapphire Insert

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Our premier offering, these laboratory grown faceted sapphire inserts aren't just a gem to look at. Experience true connoisseur grade dabbing when paired with your favorite 25mm quartz setup. Enjoy superior flavor retention AND heat retention throughout the entire length of your dab, lower temperature vapor production for smoother inhalations (less coughing) superior flavor expression of your most delicate terpenes, and the ideal thermal conductivity for complete vaporization in a torched banger.  

Extremely limited availability.
For 25mm quartz bangers with sidewalls 2.5mm or less. 
Will last forever with proper care and usage. 
Ideal thermodynamic properties for the highest quality dabbing experience 
Swab clean after each dab.
To deep clean: We recommend soaking in Simple Green Crystal. An Eco-friendly cleaner which will restore your bangers, inserts, and pearls like new again. 
Do NOT apply any cleaning liquids under ANY circumstances to gem inserts or vapor gems while hot, as this can cause thermal shock, resulting in stress fractures. Thermal shock is caused by the materials coefficient of expansion, and not related to sapphires extreme hardness (9 Mohs) 
When handled with care, your 710gems insert will last a lifetime. 

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