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Pimp My Peak Upgrade Pack

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Everything you need to hot-rod your Puffco's performance, in one convenient money saving bundle!

- Strawberry Glass Bubble Cap of Your Choice (Any cap! Visit our Bubble Caps page and enter your favorite cap # in the box above) 
- Opaque Bottom Quartz Insert 
- 4pc 4mm 710Gems Ruby Pearls 
- 710Gems Aluminum Grabber Tool 
- Upgraded FREE USPS Priority Shipping 

Ready for PEAK performance? Get ready to experience bigger clouds, better flavor, lower temps, less reclaim, and more efficient vaporization EVERY session. 

Bubble caps fit your Puffco tether, and increase function over the stock carb cap by allowing you to circulate oil. Opaque bottom quartz inserts feature that signature white bottom, which consists of thousands of microporous nucleation sites that assist in converting to the vapor phase. Ruby terp pearls increase heat retention and thermal conductivity to greatly reduce reclaim and produce dense, tasty vapor. And our custom grabber is the perfect tool for handling your 710gems, and also works great for dabbing chunky diamonds. 

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