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Ruby + Sapphire Combo (6mm)

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Take your lowest temp dabs yet with our ultra pure 6mm lab cultured ruby and sapphire vapor gem combo set.

Join us in the stone zone and experience bigger clouds, better flavor, superior heat retention, enhanced thermal mass, improved conductivity, and more efficient vaporization throughout the ENTIRE length of your dab, EVERY dab. 

6mm terp pearls are the ideal size for your 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm bangers such as Highly Educated Gavel, Toro Grail, CCA Liger, Cryptic Culture JTR, Eternal, Hoyes, Pukinbeagle, 4.0, Long Island, Joel Halen, Evan Shore, Mayoral, QCB, Fadespace, 710Coils, etc. 

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